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Sout El Hob - EMI Music

A continuation of the artistic brilliance of Mr. Atef Montasser, EMI Music has sensed the potential of joining forces with Sout El Hob Music in the Middle East, making Sout El Hob - EMI one of a kind in the history of Music in the Middle East.

SEH - EMI has established a new era for the music industry in the Middle East as it enforced a new management system and a corporate style elevating the company to the global standards of EMI Music management qualifications.
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  • Enforced the right to royalties in the Middle East. Artists with lyrics and music composition now have the right to their own music long after the song is produced.

  • Enforcing copyright laws in Egypt. SEH - EMI joint forces with legislative and executive forces in Egypt to eliminate piracy of copyrighted music for EMI Music production labels and other competing foreign label to the Egyptian music industry.

  • SEH - EMI has paved the way for other global musical giants like Sony Music, Warner Bros. and Universal to join EMI in its new venture into the Middle Eastern music industry.
Atef Montasser
122 EL Tahrir st. Dokki, Cairo Egypt
Montasser Bldg. Suite # 4
202 3760 6228
202 3335 5415
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