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Sout El Hob Studios

Part of the vertical integration, and the vision of Mr. Atef Montasser, Sout El Hob has expanded again to offer state of the art sound quality in S.E.H. studios. Renowned for its acoustic design and impeccable sound engineering acoustics, The studios are the Mecca of recording takes in the Middle East. The studios introduces to the music world with world class sound engineers that owe their future success to the learning experience of Sout El Hob studios.
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  • Recording rooms: the biggest hall for recording in the Middle East, for the best quality for audio / live takes.

  • Editing Rooms: State of the art editing rooms, renovated and maintained to the highest specifications of the audio recording industry.

  • Technology: Pro Tools, and Qbase VST, ready software for in-house arranging, editing and mixing, backed with the accompanying hardware of Apple, Steinberg and Degidesign.
Atef Montasser
122 EL Tahrir st. Dokki, Cairo Egypt
Montasser Bldg. Suite # 4
202 3760 6228
202 3335 5415
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Sout El Hob Studios
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