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If No Payment Is Desired

Many submitters send us ideas and suggestions in the thought that their use will benefit the general public. These submitters act out of good will and do not wish to be paid for any use of their ideas.

If this is the case with your idea, we want to thank you for your generosity, and would appreciate your submitting your idea by clicking on the Compensation Not Expected Form. By completing and submitting this form, you confirm to us that your submission is freely offered and we will be able to go forward with consideration of your idea, even if you have a patent covering your idea.

Submit an Idea with no desired payment

If Compensation Is Expected

If you desire compensation for your idea and if you find our policies and practices to be acceptable, you may submit your idea by clicking on the Compensation Is Expected Form. By completing that form, you confirm to us that you understand and that you accept our Terms of Submission. We can consider ideas submitted in expectation of compensation only if the submitter accepts the Terms of Submission set forth above.

Submit an Idea with expected compensation

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