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How to Submit Your Idea

On the submission form, please indicate if you agree to the Terms of Submission and wish to submit your idea for consideration in accordance with them, please do as follows:

Please indicate the basis upon which you are submitting your idea by selecting the appropriate button - that is, either no compensation is expected or compensation is hoped for.

Read the Terms of Submission carefully and if the terms are acceptable to you, click on the "Acceptance" button. By clicking on the "Acceptance" button, you acknowledge that you understand and that you accept the Terms of Submission, in their entirety. You will then be linked to the appropriate Terms of Submission and Submission Form.

Complete the submission form. The disclosure of the idea should be as complete as practical so that the company will have adequate information to decide whether or not it is interested. If disclosure is not in the form of a patent or patent application, it is suggested that the submitter fill in the form with a typewritten description. When the form is completed, click on the "Submit" button. This will submit your idea to GE under the stated Terms of Submission.

We hope that the foregoing explanations are clear to you, and that you will find our Terms of Submission to be acceptable.

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