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The MI Submitted Ideas Operation located at MI Corporate headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, administers the program for receiving and handling any unsolicited ideas voluntarily submitted to MI by outsiders or by MI employees operating outside the Employee Innovation and Proprietary Information Agreement or under circumstances where it is not clear that MI has the right to freely use the idea.

All such ideas must be referred to MI Submitted Ideas Operation. Every year we receive many letters from our friends proposing ideas for MI's use. We appreciate this interest in MI and want to thank each person who has taken the time and trouble to get in touch with us.

So that we may consider the submitted ideas without creating misunderstandings, we follow the policies and practices explained below. We hope these policies and practices will be acceptable to you, and that we may consider your idea in accordance with them. You will understand that under our company rules, we cannot proceed with our consideration until we have your acceptance as explained below.

In all honesty we must tell you that most of the ideas which are new to us and practical for our use originate within MI rather than outside of it. This is because the company has a large scientific and technical staff that is continuously working to improve our products and methods. Besides its own original work, this staff has access to a large number of prior patents, prior publications and other sources of information. In this circumstance, you will understand that many of the outside ideas submitted to the company are already known or available to it. As to those ideas that are not original or new to the company, we do not offer compensation. It is only reasonable, we believe, that compensation should not be given for the duplication of old or previously available ideas should the company at any time elect to practice them.

The company sincerely desires that every person protect him or herself to their own satisfaction before disclosing an idea to us. Our policies and practices are intended to avoid misunderstandings and to provide reasonable protection for us, and we urge that you carefully consider the following discussion of these policies and practices before deciding whether you wish to accept them for your idea or suggestion.

All technical and business ideas submitted to the company for its consideration must be submitted to MI Submitted Ideas. This will assure prompt and correct handling of these matters.

If after an electronic description of your idea has been submitted via the Internet a personal interview seems desirable, it may be arranged with certainty that the proper persons will be present. In view of the fact that company employees are located in various cities, this cannot be done without full information as to the subject matter to be considered.

Where ideas are received which appear to have been submitted gratuitously (without expectation of compensation), use the Form Where Compensation Is Not Expected to indicate that the idea is submitted gratuitously.

The company is unwilling to consider any idea on the condition that, prior to its disclosure, an agreement be consummated setting forth some basis of compensation for its use. (Experience shows that even the most sincerely offered "pig-in-a-poke" cannot be adequately appraised without inspection.)

No consideration will be given to any idea submitted in the expectation of compensation unless it is submitted subject to the Terms of Submission which are reprinted below with commentary. If the submitter wants his or her idea to be considered, they must agree to these Terms by clicking on the appropriate button.

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