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Hayah is a real estate corporation involved in the building of upscale residential compounds in the suburbs of Cairo City. Hayah believes that in a city with 17 million plus population you can still own youth owned properties and have the same serenity of a 1500 people village. Hayah has started its first project in New Cairo, a new suburb located on the North East side of Cairo City.
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  • Pleasantville. The ultimate luxury with splendid serenity. Located in the heart of New Cairo, 2 minutes away of the prominent American University of Cairo. Built on 11 acres. Pleasantville is a jewel with every possible amenity provided.

  • Hayah buys, develops, operates and manages land properties in Cairo City and suburbs.
Mostafa Montasser
122 EL Tahrir st. Dokki, Cairo Egypt
Montasser Bldg. Suite # 4
202 3760 6228
202 3335 5415
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