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Montasser U.S.A. Real Estate

Established in 1987, Montasser USA is a continuation to the strategic planning & the real estate vision of MI. M.U.S.A. is a property developer, in both Pennsylvannia and New York. M.U.S.A is consistent with the sumptuous designs and magnificent atmosphere that Hayah & MRE provide in Egypt & the Middle East.
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  • Pennsylvannia. Located in Andreas Pennsylvannia, part of the beautifu keystone state. M.U.S.A has been developing over 114 acres at the heart of Pennsylvannia. Giving the term "in the middle of nowhere" a new meaning.

  • New Rochelle, NY. In the heart of Ney York City, M.U.S.A. has been developing 20 acres to vie in with glory, a sumptuous atmosphere for our clients who prefer living in the big apple without the gotham tension.
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Mostafa Montasser
P.O. Box 40, Andreas, PA 18211, U.S.A
202 3760 6228
202 3335 5415
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